About One Man In The Middle

One Man In The Middle website was set up in September 2015 by Rob and Ruth Allwright.

The website exists to serve Christians individually and collectively in their walk with God.

We do this in 3 ways.

1. We write reviews of new Christian music, books and DVDs from an honest and unbiased perspective. We look at content as well as style in all of these areas.

2. We network with Christian creatives. We do this to help promote the artists who are putting time and effort into quality music, literature and entertainment, many of whom are independent with limited promotional budget.

3. We inspire and equip. We do this through reflections, interviews and content designed to introduce people to the loving God who we call Father and to help them establish a relationship with God through the death of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. 


Rob has been writing about Christian music since his teenage years when he used to review for Cross Rhythms Magazine. In 2002 he started working with a small magazine called Soteria. Along with an ever-changing group of volunteers Rob and the team established a strong website presence and a regular youth magazine. The website content included the magazine content from each issue as well as extra reviews of Christian music, and books, videogames, dvds all written from a Christian perspective. Rob also regularly contributed to the "Eat The Word" daily devotional website run by WYNet, the youth arm of the Wycliffe Bible Translators. Alongside his full-time voluntary role at Soteria he also found time to write reviews for Christian Home & School Magazine and the short-lived I love Christian Music / Jesus’ Child Magazine.

In 2011/12 Rob went through a number of personal setbacks in his private life and at that point withdrew from all his Christian work to take stock and discover the next step. (You can read more about this in Divorced but not Disqualified Part 1 | Part 2)

In the late summer of 2014 Rob got married to Ruth and they started making a new life together, this included a move to a new town, new church and even a new job! Rob had kept out of any Christian work over this time, barely writing anything at all, but as summer 2015 came he began to feel a burden to write and share again unknown to Ruth. Unknown to Rob, Ruth had been discussing Rob's writing and his gifting with her friends, saying how she would love to see him do this work once again. This all came to a head when both Rob and Ruth had the same discussion almost at the same time with different friends. Rob resolved to write because he felt God had still given him the gift to do that and he told one of his Soteria colleagues. Later that day Ruth told Rob he should be writing some how again! The very next day at Creation Fest Rob bumped into the people who used to print Soteria and they asked if he knew any Christian writers for a project they were starting...

Rob started One Man In The Middle initially to share anonymously thoughts about his life, but soon the urge to get involved in the Christian Media scene and share his love for that became too much. The website was reorganised and changed  focus to reviews of Christian Music, Books and, more recently, films. Shortly after this Ruth wanted to support Rob and started identifying artists with new projects and built up contacts and albums to review. 

Since then we have completed over 200 music reviews and around 40 interviews with Christian artists and have built up a following on Social Media which feeds into our website visitors. We also have a strong working partnership with AStepFWD.com who use our content on their website adding to our reach and has established Rob as one of the key music reviewers in the UK Christian market today.

Rob and Ruth both add extra Bible and Lifestyle content to One Man In The Middle, often in the form of personal reflections and Bible teaching. Ruth suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME which means that she is able to present a deeper viewpoint and a unique perspective.